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Your review has been submitted successfully. Not registered? Forgotten password Please enter your email address below and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Not you? Aside from Linda's musings on what makes men tick, she also shared her advice for impressing a man. Rule number one? Don't sleep with him on the first date! My research shows that while a lot of men won't necessarily judge you for sleeping with them on the first date, there's no way they'll have a long-term relationship with you or take you home to meet their mother.

Your evening together could be full of passion and lust and he may tell you you're the greatest girl in the world but I can guarantee he will wake up and find you 50 per cent less attractive in the morning.

Linda Joyce | Astrologer

Linda also believes that confidence is the sexiest attribute a woman can posses because a man loves a woman that is 'in touch' with herself and 'doesn't need rescuing'. Is that where Binky went wrong with Alex? Linda believes that men cheat because women don't make them feel like a man and then they shut down and act selfishly. Oh and by the way, men under 29 only want you for sex. So you've impressed the guy and followed Linda's rules Women try and over feminise their men so they cheat.

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Linda, who is divorced and describes herself as 'one of the women' she writes about, also believes that men don't even seek happiness in a relationship. When they can't handle it, they become selfish and cut themselves off.

They can have their wife and family in one box and their lover in another. Extra-marital sex is a release for men, not a betrayal.

  • 'Love guru' Linda Joyce says YOU'RE to blame if your man cheats.
  • Linda Joyce | Astrologer!
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  • Linda, whose client list includes well-known celebrities and international business titans, is convinced she knows what she's talking about. Wise words? Speaking about what men want, Linda says he doesn't like slutty dresses, nor heels we can't walk in and he absolutely hates desperate women. Want to hear more?

    Astrologer Linda Joyce Charts The Royal Wedding Day!

    Join international astrologer and life coach Linda Joyce and hear what she has discovered from writing her book about men, The Untold Story, Interviews With Men, at lingerie store Petits Bisous on June A friend had gone to see a Dutch astrologer named Peter Devries and suggested I might enjoy it. A mentally under-challenged housewife, I went for fun and I left with tears in my eyes. It shook the core of my being and changed me because this total stranger knew me better than anyone else. He expressed my hidden dreams, proclaimed I had a brain, and identified the fears that held me back.

    The only explanation that came to mind was there had to be a grand plan and if there was one, then there also had to be a God. I began to see the world and myself differently, but I needed to understand it more. I hired Peter to give me private lessons. He used to tell me I would become an astrologer and make money at it. I thought he was crazy.

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