Today 17 february birthday horoscope scorpio

Aries (March 20-Apr. 19)

Your zodiac sign is Aquarius. Your astrological symbol is the Water Bearer.

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This symbol represents those born between January 20 and February It stands for freshness, progress, fertility, and youth. Your life derives its vivacity from the planet Uranus. This new star is responsible for rebelliousness. You reflect this in your life by exhibiting a strong sense of freethinking.

The cardinal element in your life is Air. This is the element of realism.

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It works closely with Earth, Fire, and Water to add value to your life. Being an Aquarius born on February 17, you are unique. For example, you have a highly active mind. You often use this to resolve complex issues. Also, you like pleasing people. This is not to mean that you do not have your own principles. Rather, it means you like to spend time with friends.

February 17 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

People born on the Cusp of Sensitivity are both creative and compassionate. You feel the suffering of others.

Definition of Every Zodiac Cusp Sign & Dates |

This is both a curse and a blessing! You are under the influence of two celestial bodies: Uranus and Neptune. For example, Uranus enhances your progressive and energetic nature. Conversely, Neptune enhances your level of imagination. You are frequently lost in your own thoughts. Actually, you sometimes have issues keeping in step with the real world. A close study of your astrological charts shows that you will enjoy good health for a long time to come. However, you need to be wary of infections affecting your lower limbs and blood circulation. The February 17 zodiac people are charming and attractive.

Cusp Dates

You are very good with words. Indeed, you know how to use them to charm your way into the hearts of your lovers and friends. You come across as one of the best communicators in any group. This is because you are adept at using both verbal and non-verbal cues of communication.

As a lover, you come across as enthusiastic and passionate.

Sometimes your partners find you to be quite unpredictable. You are some sort of an enigma. You easily fall in love with people who have qualities similar to yours. Your ideal partner is attractive, charming, honest, passionate, and friendly. You can find these people among the Aquarius, the Libra, and the Gemini. You have a great affinity for the above Air signs. You understand their needs as much as they do yours. Aquarians born on February 17 subscribe to a "grand design. And yet they prefer to express themselves nonverbally.

November 12: Scorpio

They need to keep their emotions in check, because they fear the intensity of their feelings. They give the impression of being strong and capable, yet there are times when they feel on the edge. Men and women born on February 17 cultivate friendships only when the relationships promise emotional rewards. Where romance is concerned, they may experience unusual circumstances. Periods of intense sexual activity may be followed by periods of abstinence.

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  • Many avoid marriage for fear that it will not live up to expectations. There is a natural dignity about people born on February 17 that marks them, even as children, as special. They are precocious emotionally and intellectually. News concerning your work performance could reach you, but this will not be of any major consequence. Opportunity for a source of assets gain could be opened to you; advice from a more learned and experienced person should be looked into, as much is not being reached intellectually in this situation by you.

    Surprising news connected to this area will be received by you but this is connected to something that has been in the making for some time.

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    • Any source of speculation or money venture will have to be negotiated aggressively by you so you can get the best deal for yourself, and many questions could be asked as lack of understanding of issues could be present. Favorable outcome could very well be reached. Thoughts will be clear in reference to what you wish for in personal income offered to you, but worries could get into the picture. According to your horoscope, entertainment and social activities could be on the agenda this January for you, as pleasurable times could be coming to you in a very surprising manner.

      Monetary expenses should be taken into consideration as the cost could be more than you can chew. Misunderstanding with mate or partner could be present, do not allow repressed anger to blow things out of proportion. A mutual understanding should be worked out — looking at the situation with an open mind will be necessary as your understanding seems to be impaired here right now.

      Changes at your home front could be very marked this month, though loving times with mate will give you some sense of balance. Lots of back and forth communication connected to your line of work could be present, and differences of opinion could result in bottled up anger in you. Trying to resolve differences will be the healthiest course. Surprising news should be expected by the middle of the month, and your intuition should be paid off in decision making. Contact with siblings or close relatives could be on the agenda for you this month as unexpected news could be reaching you connected to changes that could be mildly beneficial to you but better on the long run.

      Input and kindness from a friend could be of extreme importance as a desire to take a trip abroad or a faraway place might not be in your best interest and a pleasant time could be very restricted. Asserting yourself in a matter connected to shared resources could be necessary as someone could be playing with your feelings.

      today 17 february birthday horoscope scorpio Today 17 february birthday horoscope scorpio
      today 17 february birthday horoscope scorpio Today 17 february birthday horoscope scorpio
      today 17 february birthday horoscope scorpio Today 17 february birthday horoscope scorpio
      today 17 february birthday horoscope scorpio Today 17 february birthday horoscope scorpio
      today 17 february birthday horoscope scorpio Today 17 february birthday horoscope scorpio
      today 17 february birthday horoscope scorpio Today 17 february birthday horoscope scorpio

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