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Aries, March 21–April 19

Martina Latin, "of Mars" , Meredith Welsh, "protector of the sea" , and Audrey English, "strong and noble" are all also nice choices. Babies born under fire sign Sagittarius, ruled by the planet of luck Jupiter, and symbolized by the archer centaur half-man, half horse will come to be known as wise, funny, outspoken free spirits.

It translates to "lover of horses. Little girls born under earth sign Capricorn, symbolized by the goat and ruled by Saturn, are hard workers from the get-go. You could pay tribute to this can-do spirit with the extremely popular Victorian name Amelia , which means hard-working and industrious, and ranks at 17 at Nameberry. Montana , a more unique name, means "from the mountains" in Spanish. Or consider the Irish name Briana , which means honorable and virtuous. Ruled by spontaneous Uranus, air sign Aquarian girls are innovative social butterflies who are open-minded and original, if not a bit quirky.

For that reason, a more eccentric choice for a name could be called for, such as the biblical name Lystra , which means "she who is free. Ariel which is of Hebrew origin is also a perfect option, as it's not only the name of the air-lovin' Little Mermaid but one of Uranus' satellites. If your daughter is born under the water sign Pisces , which is ruled by mystical planet Neptune and symbolized by the fish, she'll likely be very empathetic to others, artistic, and maybe even a bit of a drama queen. To pay tribute to her sign, you could consider the Greek name Delia , a unique choice that means "jewel of the sea," and has been the name of characters on Everwood and Ghost Whisperer.

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Maressa Brown Jul 4, Pregnancy. Here, beautiful baby girl names inspired by the 12 signs of the zodiac.

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Aries March April 19 1. Share Tweet Pin. Cancer June July 22 4. Virgo August September 22 6.

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They crave security and are very home-oriented. Anything that makes their home a more comfortable place or that they can wear to lounge around is an ideal present for a Cancer. Julia B. So it comes as no surprise that these personality traits are reflected in their fashion tastes.

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Anything sparkly, impractical, and attention-grabbing is exactly what a Leo craves! Try a pair of animal-print tights, a bold scarf, or a bouquet of roses to make them feel special. Virgos are workaholics, so everything from their job to their love life has to serve a purpose. It only makes sense that their gifts should be this practical, too.

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Libras are drawn to all things beautiful, and most of what they own is influenced by travel and art. As an air sign, Libra is more concerned with the bigger picture in life, often skimming over the practical everyday details. A suitcase or portable phone charger for their upcoming vacation or an item of clothing with a quirky twist is perfect for the loving Libras in your life.

With Pluto as its ruling planet, Scorpio is all about uncovering the darker side of life and finding the greater truth in things.

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However, Scorpios like to disguise their watery, emotional natures behind a tough exterior of all-black clothing and accessories. A leather jacket or a pair of practical boots is all a Scorpio really wants this season. Arabella, Annabella, Isabella, or Gabriella are all slam dunks for Virgos.

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Stella bella astrology

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