Horoscopes for december 25 2019

The moon enters Cancer today!

Read every sign's current horoscope predictions to see what's in store for you this year or check out each sign's personality profile to learn more about the zodiac. The stars are out of control this month, so don't expect a boring September. The first week brings confusion for everyone, due to transits such as romantic Venus opposing hazy Pisces on Wednesday, September 4.

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Despite a chaotic week, good news arrives on Sunday, September 8 when fighter planet Mars trines Saturn. Make some spooky sex plans, because there's a full moon in dreamy Pisces on Friday, September Relationships in all areas of your life take center stage when Mercury and Venus enter Libra on Saturday, September Speaking of which, Libra season officially begins on Monday, September Ruled by Venus, goddess of love and beauty , this is an ideal time to update your beauty routine or try out some new looks.

A new moon on Saturday, September 28 is the perfect night for a fresh start with someone it's become complicated with, or for making out with someone new. September is an extremely busy month. The first week brings a bit of haze, thanks to transits such as Venus in service-oriented Virgo squaring Jupiter in adventurous Sagittarius on Monday, September 2.

You're in a good mood, but don't celebrate just yet, as things may be better than they seem. You may feel unsure of which way to move, of what's up and what's down. Lean into the self-care and avoid making major decisions.

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The confusion extends to your conversations. Thankfully, on Sunday, September 8 , warrior planet Mars in Virgo trines Saturn in Capricorn, bringing good news amidst an otherwise stressful week. People are second-guessing themselves on Tuesday, September 10 , when the sun in Virgo opposes Neptune in whimsical Pisces. This transit only happens once this year, and you should try to use the dreamy energy to brainstorm creative projects, rather than get caught up in insecurities.

On lucky Friday, September 13 , a full moon in Pisces brings out the philosopher in all of us. Use the full moon energy for fulfilling fantasies through hot sex , or solo meditation to get in touch with your needs.

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Themes of power dynamics and fairness arise, and it's time to communicate if you feel you're being taken advantage of. Represented by the scales, Libra is the sign of balance, partnership, and relationships. However, if you're the one taking more than you give, you should also be prepared to answer for your actions.

Saturn, which is our daddy planet and ruler of time and restrictions, goes direct on Wednesday, September It's been retrograde since April, so think back to that time in your life. What times and changes have undergone since then? Whatever they are, this transit asks you to take action on what you've learned.

The confusion of the first half of the month comes to an end on Saturday, September Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces, bringing clarity to what's been on your mind. Sun enters Libra on the fall equinox on Monday, September As Libra is ruled by Venus, go as over-the-top with your beauty routine as you like.

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Make out with someone but careful not to mess up your lipstick during the new moon on Saturday, September Damn, Aries, you're one powerful ram. Here is your horoscope for today, Thursday, July 25, , plus a tarot card.

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You are determined and optimistic. Your hard work and efforts can bring out an amazing finish to an important project or meeting that you have this week.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Be prepared for a happy surprise and positive turn of events. Something good is about to happen. Finish what you started and you are in the game to win. You have put in the time and energy and given things the value that they deserve. Now, it's your turn to see karma work for you.

Your love heals fear. Your presence in the life of others helps to overcome past hurts and pains. Your soft and gentle nature gives a friend a shoulder to lean on. What you're asking for is coming to pass.


December 25 Zodiac

You may have doubts but all you need is a small seed of belief and faith. Don't give up yet. You're so close to where you want to be. Laugher is the best medicine. If you're heart sick then seek out an opportunity to smile. Watch comedy. Visit a comedy club or look up terrible dad jokes to share with friends at work. It's good to be funny during times of stress.

Horoscope For Today, Thursday, July 25, 12222 For Each Zodiac Sign In Astrology

Your best friendships are there to support you through life. You were not meant to live in isolation. Find your tribe and if you have close connections that you have neglected, reunite the bond by getting back into touch. Share of your heart and spirit and you will see doors in the hearts of others open to you as well. When you share your life, it makes you and others happy.

Be patient. Soon you'll see the miracle you're asking for come to you. When you have waited for so long, you can lose hope, but for now, hang in there.

horoscopes for december 25 2019 Horoscopes for december 25 2019
horoscopes for december 25 2019 Horoscopes for december 25 2019
horoscopes for december 25 2019 Horoscopes for december 25 2019
horoscopes for december 25 2019 Horoscopes for december 25 2019
horoscopes for december 25 2019 Horoscopes for december 25 2019

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